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Administración Presupuestaria

National Accounting. Advance reports on the economic and financial action of public administrations. Annual information

This page contains reports of annual periodicity in relation to the economic activity performed by Public Administrations. The report, ‘Budget Actions of Public Administrations’ presents the first “advance” data of the economic and financial activity main results from the sector Public Administrations of the national accounting, as well as the budget evolution from the Government in the last fiscal years. In another report, with a later date, ‘Advance of the economic and financial actions of the Public Administrations,’ the operations carried out by the whole sector are analyzed, exclusively in terms of the national accounting; the information presented by this document has a “provisional” aspect, and it refers to the public deficit, fiscal pressure, non-financial resources, non-financial jobs and public debt. In both reports a statistical annex is included with historical data.